Monday, 26 September 2011

Product Rave - Tundra by Topshop

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick post on a product that I've been really liking lately! It's the eyeshadow mousse from the Topshop 'Sandstorm' collection, in the colour 'Tundra'. I believe this collection was released in February 2011, so I do realise this is a bit of a silly post as you can no longer find the product online =\ but perhaps you could keep a look out on blog sales or possibly eBay if you like the look of it! In fact, I bought this in... August? So maybe some Topshop's still have a stash of this gorgeous product!

I had never really tried a cream or mousse consistency eyeshadow before Tundra came into my life, and I wasn't really that keen on trying them until, of course, I set my eyes on this little beauty.

A gorgeous metallic olive green, that is absolutely packed with a golden sparkle. It is such a pretty colour, the consistency of the mousse makes it so easy to apply - you can use your fingers or brushes to apply this product and the effect, in my opinion, is just stunning.  The mousse can apply quite sheer at first, but if you want a more intense look you can really easily build up the product or blend it out as you wish. The photo below shows the product blended out on the right and heavily swatched on the left.

Just a little note on the packaging, as the product was part of the limited edition Sandstorm collection it looks a little different from Topshop's core range. The frosted glass base and the rose gold decorative strokes look so pretty, which I think just adds that extra special touch to the product.


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