Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top 5 Series - Blusher

Hello again, 

Time for the second installation of my new top five series, and next up is my second favourite product which is blusher. I can already tell how this series is going to go, I'm subconsciously doing it in order of how much I like the product so by the end of the series I may not be as enthuasiastic to do posts on say... hand cream? I don't know lol but bear with me and I will probably just do posts on products that I enjoy using otherwise I guess there is no point.

Anyway, ramble over. Onto todays topic which is blusher, again none of the products I have chosen are really expensive in fact I think the most expensive are the Topshop cream blushers at £6.

L-P: Pink Cloud, Head Over Heels and Pinch, Suede, Pink Rose

Clockwise from bottom left: Topshop 'Head Over Heels', Topshop 'Pinch', Sleek 'Suede', Rimmel 'Pink Rose', Natural Collection 'Pink Cloud'
Again, scroll to the bottom for swatches of all five blushers and I'm going to discuss each product in the order I've swatched them on the picture, starting with the pinkest on the left to the most neutral on the right.

So first up, is a blush that is absolutely not a neutral colour and that is Topshop's cream blusher in 'Pinch'. A bright, scary looking hot pink in the pan which actually blends out really nicely to leave a pretty flush to the cheek. You do have to apply this with a light hand as it can leave you looking a bit doll-esque.

Next is another Topshop cream blusher, which is 'Head Over Heels' - a much more wearable colour on the cheek. A really pretty peachey/coral shade, which is a lovely light cream which blends to a powder finish. I've been applying both of the Topshop blushers with an ELF stipple brush, as I find it picks up and distributes the right amount of product and allows you to blend in your own time - rather than a mad rush to get it exactly how you want it before it dries to a dodgy line giving you rather strange looking cheek bones. I also think it leaves a really natural finish, and because it dries to a powder finish it has really great staying power. I really cannot say enough good things about these blushes, and at £6 a real bargain.

Number three is Natural Collection's 'Pink Cloud'. This is a matte blush, which is a gorgeous light pink which I think suits a pale complexion really nicely. These blushes are so affordable at £1.99, they have four in the range and I would definitely recommend picking any one of them up. 'Pink Cloud' is really pigmented and only requires a light dusting on the cheek to pick up the gorgeous rosy pink colour.

Next up is Rimmel's Powder Blush in 'Pink Rose', which I have to say I have had for longer than I should like to admit. I think it could possibly be the first blush I ever owned, but I reach for it every now and again and I just really like it. It's a really natural colour on the cheek - unlike 'Pinch' which I would find really concerning if somebody turned that shade of hot pink. 'Pink Rose' is a deeper pink, with a really subtle shimmer that photographs really beautifully. It could have been discontinued for all I know, but I hope not cause it's definitely a product I would repurchase - if i ever get to the end of it!!

Last but not least, is a new purchase of mine and a new offering from Sleek MakeUp's Nude Collection - which is the Suede Blush. It's not something I would buy off my own back I don't think, but I'd seen swatches and reviews of the product online so thought I would give it a try. It's quite a deep brown shade really, and could actually be used more like a bronzer or contour product but I've used this a few times on the cheeks, and I really love it. It's another really natural colour, so great for everyday make-up looks. Sleek's blushes are around £4, and as expected from Sleek they are super pigmented.

L-R: Pinch, Head Over Heels, Pink Cloud, Pink Rose, Suede

So there we have it, part two is done and dusted. Hope you enjoyed reading it and let me what you think of the blushes I've mentioned or any blushes you think I might like!

Next up... eyeshadows. See you next time :)


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