Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hello again! Just thought I'd do a quick post on some new purchases I've made lately and a quick review perhaps on some of the cosmetics I have picked up. I've recently started a new job in the centre of Manchester which has done really terrible things for my bank account! I just go shopping on my breaks and dinner, so my first months wage won't stretch very far when I actually receive it! Never mind... on with the haul!

I saw these bags recently in Primark and thought they were so cute, they had three different prints and I picked up the floral one and the Aztec style one as well - which by the way I'm really not one of those girls who needs the same bag/shoes/dress in one of each colour but these bags were £3! They're a super pretty summer clutch which will brighten up any outfit, they're also really spacious which is great for me because I carry so much junk around!

The next items are all from Boots, I've heard some really great things about Natural Collection recently - in particular the tinted moisturiser and the lipsticks! They were out of stock on the lightest moisturiser so I picked up the Colour Foundation in Porcelain instead, and I am so surprised at how much I love this product. Its the perfect shade for my skin tone, I would actually go far as to say it is the best matched foundation I have ever tried. It has great coverage, blends really nicely and it is an absolute bargain at £1.99! I think they do six shades in this foundation, so it might be hard to match it up to your skin tone but for me it really is just perfect!

The next two products are lipsticks, and I actually picked these up after watching The Persian Babe's favourite lip products over on YouTube, they are 17 Mirror Shine in Beehive and Natural Collection in Rose Petal. I love both of them so much - so thank you Barbara for bringing them to my life lol!

Left: Beehive, Right: Rose Petal

Left: Beehive, Right: Rose Petal
As you can see from the swatches above, Beehive is a really glossy and moisturising formula in a really pretty nude colour! Rose Petal is more matte, but still has a slightly glossy finish when applied.

The next product I picked up was a 17 powder blush in China Doll, this is a really bright pink colour and I've swatched it quite heavily in the photo above, but once blended out it adds a nice shimmery pink flush to the cheeks! It's really pigmented and a great colour - perfect for summer!

The final products are skin care and tanning bits and pieces! I've really wanted to try St Moriz self tanning mousse for so long, and I saw it recently in a local shop so I picked it up for a very reasonable £2.99! I've just tried this out today, and already I'm a fan! I really like how it is instant and the product itself is a quite dark brown colour - which frightened me at first - but blends out to a lovely even tan. I think its so much easier to apply when you can see how it looks straight away, I dont like the non-instant type where you can wait hours for it to develop and then realise how streaky it looks - eek!

I also picked up the Soap and Glory fragrance mist, its the classic scent of all the products in their range, and its just really nice as its quite hydrating as well once you rub into your skin! The smell lasts all day so yeah, very happy with this product!

The final product is the Jergens Skin Firming Moisturiser, which I actually won from Fluerdeforce, so I was really happy to receive this yesterday! I haven't actually tested it out too much yet, but Jergens claim that skin will feel firmer after two applications of this product so i'm very excited to try this out properly!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing well! Let me know any recommendations or if you've tried any of the products i've mentioned because I'd love to hear what you think!

Hannah Elizabeth xx


  1. thoses bags are soooo cute!!
    thanks for dropping by on my blog:)

  2. Aw thank you, they're cute aren't they! I was so chuffed to get them for £3 each lol what a bargain!

    No problem, I enjoyed reading through your blog, thanks for checking mine out and subscribing :) xx

  3. Beehive is my all time fave nude lipstick! I love the formula of these too x

  4. @LaurenZetta - ooh I know I've ran out of this lipstick already I've not even had it a month! Definitely will be repurchasing :) Thanks for your comment xxx