Thursday, 21 July 2011

July Glossybox - worth the wait?

Hey everyone!

Today was a very exciting day for me... my first Glossybox arrived! I saw quite a few tweets and blog posts this morning from other girls saying how amazing this months box is, so as you can imagine I was willing the postman to come to my house!! 

I really do love the idea behind this product, it's the surprise aspect that I love and that different boxes contain slight variations on samples which I also like. I'm really pleased for Glossybox, that they have had such a positive reaction to this box after a rather disastrous month where a lot of people unsubscribed because of the increase in price, and also disappointing products in the box itself! I think a few people may be kicking themselves for unsubscribing after some of the gorgeous products that are in this months box!

However I do hope this standard continues and it's not a pattern of a good month and then a bad month and then good again, because I think consistency is really important especially because you can cancel your subscription at any time, and also that Boudoir Prive are releasing their first box in the next month! 

Anyway... onto this months box. I know loads of blog posts and YouTube videos will be popping up here, there and everywhere in the next few weeks so I won't go into loads of detail, I will just do a quick introduction to the products and then I have a blog post planned to do a comparison when I receive my first Boudoir Prive box in August.

Just to repeat what everyone has already said, and you will know if you have received a Glossybox yourself, is the presentation is just gorgeous! Even the outside cardboard box has the little symbol printed onto it, and the box itself is really sturdy and a lovely pink colour - which is perfect for using for storage! 

The products that I received this month are the:

1. Ciate Nail Enamel - I've never tried this brand of nail varnishes before, and being honest I'm not too crazy about the green colour but I will definitely give it a go!

2. Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether - A full size Illamasqua product!! I've never tried anything from this brand before, and I don't think this goes as far to heal the pain I felt on missing out on the Nars highlighter in the first Glossybox, but it's a gorgeous gold shimmery powder which can provide a subtle sheen on the skin or can be built up for a dramatic metallic finish. It's a lovely golden colour that I think would look great with a tan!

3. Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum - I really struggle describing specific tones of perfumes, but I will just say that I do like it! The little sample bottle is really cute, its shaped like a flower which makes sense as it is a floral scent. The card says that it has "light floral notes, with natural extracts of rose geranium and bergamot, subtly balanced with fresh fig and a hint of chocolate".

4. Ultra Sun Face 30 - I don't tend to use a separate sun cream on my face, as my foundation already has SPF in it so I might pass this one on to my mum!

5. Weleda Pomegrante Regenerating Body Oil - I LOVE the smell of this it is just beautiful! I applied this after my shower this morning, a little sceptical as I thought it wouldn't absorb into the skin nicely as it's an oil but honestly it is such a nice product! It's a massive bottle, considering they are supposed to be sample products, and I can see this lasting me ages.

I am delighted with this months box and I hope everyone else is with theirs. You can sign up to Glossybox here for £10 a month, after the August box it goes up to £12.95 which in fairness I think is still really reasonable, especially when you receive full sized products worth more than £12.95! I'm now even more excited to receive my next Glossybox and also my Boudoir Prive box which arrives at the start of August, so keep your eyes peeled for my first thoughts on that!

Thanks for reading if you got this far, I know Glossybox posts are definitely not the most original but I was too excited not to share this lol and I'm sure all bloggers and YouTubers feel the same way!

Hope everyone is okay xxx


  1. Fab post lady! We only have the body oil in common haha I did a post so you can see what I got too.
    If you want, would you like to swap the face from for my xen-tan? let me know!


  3. @Monika I can't believe there was so much variety in this months box, if I wasnt happy with the products I received I would be soo jealous, cause there were some really great products in other boxes too! Aw I've already handed the Ultra Sun Face over to my mum so sorry about that!

    @Iheartmexoxo aw thank you!! I'm planning on doing a blog award post cause I think it's such a nice tag!

    Thanks for the comments girls! xx