Sunday, 3 July 2011

Boudoir Prive

Hey everyone,

I started my new job this week so have been a little busy to be blogging, but I thought I'd share some very exciting news about a new company that rivals the Glossybox, Boudoir Prive! 

I signed up for Glossybox well over a month ago now, and have paid for my first box yet won't be receiving it until the end of July! I don't mind this too much, and will be happy to wait - as long as the wait is worth it! As I'm sure many of you know, Glossybox are adding postage and packaging costs onto their £10 subscription (from September I believe?), which has angered a lot of their subscribers causing them to cancel their subscription with Glossybox! 

I'm really gutted that they've received such bad press because I think the product is such a great idea, allowing subscribers to try out high end samples and new products that they may never have come across! But I think the way Glossybox have gone about wording the increase in price is a little sneaky in my opinion, as it appears they had planned it all along but hadn't admitted the £10 price was an introductory offer. However, I feel that £12.95 is still a reasonable price and if the samples continue to be worth the money, I will definitely continue my subscription!

I know a lot of Glossybox subscribers have also been a bit dissapointed with the products they received this month, such as Batiste dry shampoo - now i love a good dry shampoo as much as the next girl, but I can understand the disappointment as it is supposed to be luxury samples and lets face it, we can all pick Batiste up down at our local Tescos! On the flip side though... they are four other samples that you can enjoy so you can't complain too much. I guess everyone was just anticipating great things after the full size NARS product in the previous box - still heartbroken i missed this box ):

So... onto the exciting new company! For Boudoir Prive, I think they have entered the market at a great time, while Glossybox is unfortunately suffering a bit of bad press they are in a position to attract their dissatisfied subscribers! This company operates in a similar way to Glossybox, or the Birchbox in the US, offering SIX deluxe samples for £10 a month. It works on a subscription basis similar to the Glossybox, but they are offering one extra product for your £10 and there are currently no P&P charges! The company have not released a huge amount of information about the box so far, but I think this just adds to the excitement and builds the suspense around the product!

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You have to sign up by email to receive an invitation to subscribe, as they have stated that there are a limited number of boxes to be had! I definitely want to get my hands on one of these and have signed up already (: and you can do this here!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely sunshine (:

Hannah Elizabeth

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