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Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been a bit absent on the old blogging front this week, I've been a bit poorly the last few days so have pretty much bed bound! I went into Manchester yesterday and picked up a few things so thought I'd show you what I got and my initial thoughts! I also received my Garnier Ultralift sample this week in the post, and I also sent off for some samples from a company called LN girls, who sell some really lovely mineral make up!

So first things first, I went into Boots yesterday in search of a new foundation! I've heard some really good things about the Revlon Colour Stay foundation, so headed to Revlon where they had a 3 for 2 offer on all of their products! I ended up picking up the Photo Ready foundation, and I have also read quite a bit about this particular product and was really intrigued to see what it was actually like.

Now some bloggers have expressed their concern about this foundation as it has light reflecting particles in it, so in theory you should have this 'air brushed' finish in photographs. I've got to say it did make me laugh reading about concerns that you would end up looking like a Cullen from Twilight with a really shimmery and glittery finish - this is not how it works lol, it definitely does has a slight shimmer to the finish but in my opinion it doesn't make your skin look shiny or oily really, especially if you set it with a powder. The foundation is supposed to be 'complete coverage', I don't know that it provides the best coverage I've ever had - I'd say its more medium coverage but in fairness I do have quite a few blemishes at the minute so maybe I'll have a different opinion when my skin clears up a bit! I do really like this foundation so far, mine is in the shade Vanilla 002 and it is quite pale really but it is a great colour match and I'm really pleased with the product so far! I do definitely want to try the Colour Stay foundation, so I might pick that up another time!

On to the next... as there was a 3 for 2 offer on Revlon products, I decided to pick up the new 'Just Bitten' lip stain in Flame, and also the new scented nail polish in Bubble Gum 360. I really liked the look of the lip stains, there are quite a few different colours in the collection which is great but I picked up the orange-red one, and I really love the colour! It's very bright but its actually a lot more wearable than I would say a lip stick would be in this same colour. I do like the product a lot, however at the minute I find the stain itself a little drying on my lips (I have majorly dry skin on lips at the minute though thanks to my cold :( ) and I think the balm isn't the most hydrating or moisturising balm, and I have found that a layer of clear Vasaline works much better for me! The staying power of this product is actually incredible, I applied the product after I bought it to try it out (which was yesterday around 2pm), and actually woke up this morning with the colour still on my lips (: I have found that it doesn't transfer, say to drink cups, my pillow lol or anything else really - the product really absorbs onto the lip which is great. So another really lovely Revlon product, and I would definitely be interested in trying out the other colours!

Just Bitten in Flame
Final product... the new nail varnishes! Now I currently have a really bad cold, and couldn't even smell my Aussie shampoo and conditioner in the shower this morning - so as you can imagine I can't currently smell this product which is a shame, but my mum and dad and friend have all smelled it on my behalf lol :) so it definitely has a scent to it - I just can't confirm it for you right now :) so i shall talk about the other aspects of the product! The colour I chose is Bubblegum and it's a lovely fuchsia pink, it applies really nicely and its very opaque only needing one coat, although I did apply two! I can't really comment on staying power as yet, but I do find on my nails they tend to reject most nail products and chip after a few hours, even with a top and base coat! I applied this Revlon nail varnish, with neither a top or base coat and it hasn't chipped as yet which is a good sign for me!

All in all, I'm really happy with these products that I picked up and might pop back to Boots before the 3 for 2 offer goes off, and pick up some more!

Just to quickly mention some samples I requested from LN girls, this is a company that specialises in organic mineral make up and their business card says "Natural Beauty for youthful skin. All skin types LOVE IT. Sensitive, oily, acne and allergy prone skins ADORE IT. Cherish your skin and avoid those NASTIES (dyes, talcs, fillers and chemical preservatives)."

You can go onto their website which I will link here, and order some of their samples for yourself! I think you can try their mineral foundations as well, but I just sampled two of their eye shadows - and I've got to say I'm really impressed. Firstly that they send out samples, a very generous amount of the product as well ,in a small pot so really handy for throwing in your bag for touch ups! The two colours I received are 'Drama Queen', which is a lovely deep purple and 'Sugar Palace' which is a shimmery golden rosy-pink! Being honest, pink or purple would not normally be colours I would choose for my eyes - I'm more of a neutral browns girl - but I wore Sugar Palace last night, and it looked so lovely!

Sugar Palace on the left, and Drama Queen on the right!

I'm really happy with these samples and would definitely would be interested in trying out their other eye shadows, which normally retail at £7.88 - so they aren't super cheap but I think they are worth it to be honest, the pigmentation is good and the colours are so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed this post (:

Hannah Elizabeth xx

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