Thursday, 16 June 2011


Hey everyone!

I thought I'd do a post on the cosmetics company ELF, I started buying their products around two months ago now and I'm totally hooked! I first heard of the company on YouTube with some of the beauty guru's talking about ELF products so I thought I'd place an order and see what I thought!

One thing I really love about ELF is that they are so generous and regularly have great offers on, for example 20% off the whole site, free delivery or free products if you order over £10. Considering how inexpensive ELFs products are, I don't think think I need an excuse to place an order with them but it really is a great incentive - I once placed an order and received a 32 pc eyeshadow palette for free, when they normally cost £9!

So anyway... into my favourite products.

This was one of the first products I ordered, its the Eyebrow Kit from the Studio Line and is £3.50. I've only ever tried eyebrow pencils before so I was really excited to try out this duo set with the eyebrow wax to define and shape my brows and then the powder to fill them in and to set them. 

I have literally used this every day since I've had it, and there is still loads of the product left! My eyebrows are quite a strange colour in a way, that they don't match my natural hair colour and are much darker, so I'm always really conscious of eyebrow products that enhance this and darken them too much, but this eyebrow kit is perfect for me!

The next product I love is the Natural Lash Kit Falsh Lashes in black (£1.50). I don't often wear false lashes as I think they can sometimes be a bit too dramatic, but the title kind of drew me in so I thought I'd try them out! I think using the word natural is inaccurate as they are really full and long, but I do actually really like them! I've used them twice now, and have ordered another set. I don't like the eyelash glue that comes with them, and its a really small tube, but I just used my eyelure glue instead and they look really good! 

Like I said, I don't wear falsh lashes often and do sometimes struggle to apply them, but I found these no different from any other brand I have previously tried and once they were on they lasted all night!

Another product I've tried and loved, is the Candid Coral Blush from the Studio Line (£3.50). I've really started getting into blusher and have been looking to try out a few of these blushes from the studio line for a while! This particular one is really highly pigmented but has a lovely natural look when applied on the apples of your cheeks.

I really want to try out Pink Passion and Peachy Keen so will have to get them ordered and do a review!

The next product that I really love is the Black Cream Eyeliner from the Studio Line (£3.50). This product is always sold out so I absolutely rushed to order it when I saw it was in stock. I've never tried a cream or gel eyeliner before, I usually wear a pencil or the eye liners that have a felt tip style applicator, but I love this product.This eyeliner is so opaque, as you can see in the photograph it is a really true black and that is how it looks on application. It stays on well throughout the day, maybe a touch up if you were going out at night time would be required but its a really good eyeliner!

The small angled brush is great too, because its angled it allows you to get really close to the lash line and it helps to glide the product along the lid!

The final product I want to talk about is the luscious liquid lipstick in perfect pink. The colour is really nice and the product itself is glossy and moisturising without being sticky, but I think calling it a lipstick is a little bit inaccurate. Not that the naming matters too much, because it's still a great product - and it also smells like mint which I like! 

 love how they look they are all glowing :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite ELF products and I'd love to hear what everyone else's favourites are!

Hannah Elizabeth

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