Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Review - Glamour freebies!!

So... I guess an easy way to start is to do a product review and talk about some products that were given away in the UK Glamour magazine this month!

The products that I'm talking about are from Benefit, they are sample sizes however you do get a good amount of the product (4ml) and you only use a small amount on application so I'm sure they will last a long time! I picked up the 'benetint' and 'posietint', however Glamour are also giving away sample sizes of High Beam but I already have a full size version of this product!

Benetint and posietint are marketed (as the name would suggest!!) as a tinted lip and cheek stain, whereas High Beam is a really shimmery highlighter.

I've never actually tried these products before so was really excited when I knew you could get sample sizes with Glamour, a magazine that I do love and buy each month!

Top: posietine
Bottom: benetint

I did some swatches on my hand to test them and found that on first application, I do actually prefer posietint to benetint but this is merely because I personally prefer lighter colours on my cheeks! However what I love about benetint is the smell, its really fragrant and smells like roses which is lovely! I was a bit worried that both of the products would be really strong in colour because they are marketed as a stain, and was nicely surprised to see that they are quite subtle, which allows you to build up the colour if you prefer!

All in all I'm really happy with these two products and am really excited to test them further and see how they look in my daily make up routine!

Let me know which products you picked up in the Glamour giveaway and what you think of my first post!

Hannah Elizabeth

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