Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Favourite Products

Thought I'd do a quick post on a few products I'm really enjoying at the moment! I'm still waiting for my Superdrug delivery to do a review on the new MUA products that I ordered, but I will do one when I can!

Firstly I ordered a few things from the Body Shop online, I guess it's becoming increasingly obvious of my obsession with online shopping! I received an email about an offer where you got a very generous 50% off all items on the website, so I took the opportunity to try a few things out and also ordered a product that I have used before and really loved.

I ordered one of The Body Shop's best selling products, the ever popular body butter in 'Moringa' and also picked up the accompanying body scrub. I used both of these products today and you can tell instantly why they are a bestseller, the scent is really fresh and floral and it lasts all day long! I think the consistency of this particular body butter is a little different from the others I have previously tried, such as the 'Cocoa Butter' version, I found it to be a little creamier which actually makes it easier to apply and absorb into your skin. The body scrub is a product I have never tried before, but I'm really happy I ordered it - it's a great exfoliating product and a small amount goes a long way, leaving skin feeling really smooth and smelling beautiful!!

Another product I was interested in purchasing was some kind of intensive treatment for the dry skin on my feet, and decided to order the peppermint intensive foot rescue. This product is amazing!! I've been using this product by applying it before I get into bed and popping a pair of socks on and just leaving the product to work its magic! Once again, only a small amount of the product is necessary to get the coverage you want, and its also really cooling - my feet do tend to get really warm and quite red when I've been stood up a lot during the day, so this works a treat as a cooling treatment as well! Oh and how could I forget, the most amazing thing about this product is the smell! I didn't expect such a nice scent from a foot cream and have been kind of disappointed by peppermint products in the past but definitely not this time!

The final product is hair care, and I actually picked this up in my local Tesco but you can get Aussie products in loads of different stores! Its the lusciously light 3 minute miracle deep conditioner, I'm pretty sure that the lusciously light range is new but do correct me if I'm wrong! I have tried the 3 minute miracle conditioners before and Aussie hair care is one of my favourites as it is inexpensive but leaves your hair looking really healthy and smelling amazing! I have tried this as a 3 minute treatment but also left it in overnight on one occasion for a really intensive treatment. In all honesty I think the '3 minute' advertising is spot on - I noticed no relationship really in the amount of time I left the product on and the condition of my hair! I think it works so well as a quick and easy hair mask, and does really great things for the condition of my dry hair!

Just thought I'd share my opinion on a few products that I've been really enjoying the last couple of weeks! Let me know what you think if you have tried any of them or any other products you would recommend!

Hannah Elizabeth


  1. SWEET POST! Glad I found this blog.

    Check out mine? I'm a photographer!


    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  2. I love the smell of The Body Shop Peppermint range. Great shopping spree, I'm not a big online shopper as I hate having to wait for the products to arrive. haha. x

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Ooh I love online shopping - I'm quite often disappointed waiting for the order to be delivered and sometimes they are NOTHING like they are advertised but for me its easier sometimes to order online!