Thursday, 16 June 2011

MUA and 2True Review

Hello again! I received my delivery from Superdrug yesterday and have tried the products out in  my make up routine twice now so thought I'd do a quick review and tell you what I thought of the products! I mentioned in my previous MUA review that I'd ordered two new lipsticks and a new eye dust so I guess I'll jump in and start with them!

I ordered shades 5 and 9, and thought they would be neutral shades from what I could see on the website! This is a lesson I really should learn about ordering make up online because the product rarely looks like the photographed version, and the true colours of the two lipsticks are a really sheer and shimmery baby pink and also a bronze colour.

The two new lipsticks are on the right of the photograph below and also the swatches are the two middle colours. The other two lipsticks are the ones that I have already reviewed but thought I'd include them for a comparison!

Top row: Shade 12 and 5
Bottom row: Shade 4 and 9
Swatch: 12, 9, 5, 4

The consistency of these lipsticks is quite sheer, and when applied they feel more like a gloss than a matte lipstick.  I don't think I'll wear Shade 9 because I don't think darker brown or bronze lip products really suit my skin tone and I prefer warmer reds, pinks or corals on my lips! I do quite like Shade 5 - but like I said it's more like a gloss than a lipstick but it's quite a pretty colour and it does feel moisturising on the lips rather than drying as some lipsticks can feel.

I also ordered another eye dust, which I raved about in my last review! I've used the brown colour a couple of times since my last post and had loads of complements about it when I wore it, one thing I would say is that it's pretty much essential to wear a primer with this eye dust. It's a really loose product and the primer really helps it to stay in place and not smudge throughout the day!

top: shade 5
bottom: shade 4

I ordered Shade 4 this time, which is more of an olive green colour and again its such a beautiful product! I've applied Shade 5 as well next to it so you can compare the colours. I guess shade 4 is more wearable in the day time because its a lighter colour but the colour can be built up for a more dramatic evening look.

I cannot praise this product enough, the next time I'm passing a Superdrug I'm going to pop in and pick up the other shades in the collection!

I also ordered some 2true products, they were on 3 for 2 and I'd been wanting to try the bronzer since 'Sprinkle of Glitter' here on blogspot has mentioned it a few times in her posts as being a really good quality bronzer! I also ordered a matte foundation and 3 in 1 concealer to try out!

I really do like this bronzer, its really matte there is no shimmer in it at all which can sometimes put me off applying bronzer! But... after I was doing my make up this morning and used the bronzer IT HAS GONE MISSING =( I literally have no clue where it has gone, I've checked in all my make up storage, under my bed and everywhere else - and trust me my room is really small so it can't have gone far! So I'm a bit gutted for the minute but fingers crossed it will turn up!

Anyway... on with the review.

It looks quite dark in its case however you only need a really small amount of the product and a light hand to get that beautiful bronzed sun kissed look - so I can see this product (if i find it) lasting me a very long time!

The other two products are a foundation and concealer. I'm quite new to using concealer as it was never a product I fancied trying or experimenting with, but I've got the Benefit stick concealer and quite like that so thought I'd try out a wand applicator version and see how I got on! I find this product is great for under eye dark circles, but so far I've found that it seems to draw attention to blemishes rather than conceal them - which is never good. I think this is mainly because the blemishes I have are quite dry and then applying a creamey concealer on top just seems to highlight the area.

The foundation is okay, I have quite pale skin and so went for the lightest shade - there are four shades in total - but still found this to be a little dark for my skin. It seems to apply quite nicely but after a while I feel that it kind of sticks to dryer parts of my face, again highlighting imperfections in my skin - not good!! I'm gonna try mixing in a little tinted moisturiser to see how I get on with that, or maybe wait till my skins cleared up a bit and try again!

If any of you have tried any of the 2true or MUA products I've mentioned, or can recommend any others I'd love to hear so please leave a comment and thanks for checking out my blog!

Hannah Elizabeth

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