Thursday, 9 June 2011

MUA review

While I'm on a roll I thought I'd get another post done! This is a review of some products that I ordered from Superdrug last week, and they arrived today which I always get too excited over when I get things delivered from online!

MUA is a brand that is sold exclusively at Superdrug here in the UK, all products are £1 and they currently have a range of over 100 different lip products, eye shadows and liners, nail varnishes and mascaras!

So I thought I'd give a few of their products a go! I'm currently really loving wearing lipstick so I ordered two lipsticks and also an eye dust in a really beautiful bronze colour!

I'll start off with talking about the two lipsticks I ordered, they are in Shade 4 and Shade 12 - I think they have 12 different colours in their lipstick range just if you wanted to know! One small problem I have to begin with is that they don't have names, not a major problem but I do like to see what kinds of creative names companies come up with for their products!! But like I said - not a major problem at all.

Shade 4 is a baby pink colour that looks quite matte in the stick, but when you apply it really is quite sheer and you don't get a great colour payoff! But... for £1 you really cannot complain, plus it feels quite moisturising on your lips and also smells great!

Shade 12 is a much darker pink colour, which as you can see in the picture is really quite shimmery! It's not a colour I would normally go for as it looks so sparkly on the stick but on application its more the colour that stands out and not the glitter! One thing I would say is that it feels a bit.. grainy?.. in that you can feel the glitter particles on your lips so it feels a bit rough in texture!

Here are some swatches anyway...

Left: Shade 4
Right: Shade 12

The next product I ordered is from MUAs eye dust collection, again they do not name any of their products, and they currently have six different shades in this collection. I picked up shade number 5, its on the far right in the picture below (the two other swatches you can see are the lipsticks!!).

This product is so beautiful, it is so highly pigmented and it also blends really well. I'm not a massive fan of eyeshadows, mainly because I haven't tried that many, but this is definitely a product I would use to create a really pretty smokey eye.

Another thing I really like about this product is the design of the little pot it comes in, obviously as this is such a loose product it can be quite messy to apply, but this little pot has a small hole just large enough to dip your eyeshadow brush into which prevents the rest of the product spilling! And for £1 I think it's really great that MUA have paid attention to packaging as well as the quality of their products!

After trying these products, I went back online to Superdrug (as they have free delivery till the 18th of June I believe?) and ordered some more MUA products!! I was really impressed with the eye dust so I ordered another and also ordered two more neutral coloured lipsticks, so when they arrive I may do another product review for you all!

Hope you found this useful and I would definitely recommend MUA, its really great value and the products themselves are good quality for the price!

Hannah Elizabeth


  1. Love the look of the eye dust. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. It really is a beautiful colour and I don't think these pictures give it justice! Thanks for commenting and following x